Web Design

                    How long will it take to design a web site?

                    This depends on a number of factors including the size of the web site (ie number of pages) and features required. It also is dependent on reaching an agreement on initial draft and ultimately the availability of content. Most common delay is waiting for content (text/images) to be sent by the client. We agree on deadlines at the commencement of the project and we highlight any issues that might affect the achievement of these deadlines.

                    What is the platform for your web development?

                    Our development platform is based on open source and hence we use PHP, MySQL and apache.

                    Do I need to organise my own web hosting?

                    We have our own secure servers and we can host the web site for you. We discuss this during the scoping stage of the project.

                    Can you register my domain?

                    Yes we can. We provide a domain registration service. Please note though if you are in Australia there are certain restrictions on the name of your .au domain which is directly related to the name of your organisation, business product or service.

                    Do I get the source code to the Web Site?

                    As mentioned before we use open source software and hence you will get all the source code for your own use.

                    Who installs the web site on our servers?

                    We would normally install the web site as part of our service.

                    If we choose you to host our web site can you supply web management services?

                    Absolutely we can manage the web site for you, including setting up emails, backups and any other activities needed.

                    Can I update the web site myself?

                    Most of our web development involves use of a Content Management System. Therefore you will have access to an administration area where you can make updates yourself.

                    How much does a Web Site cost?

                    This varies depending on the web site , features, structure (including number of pages) and content availability from the Client.? AS a rough estimate a one page web site start at $350.00 and each page after that costs $120.00.

                    Graphics Design

                    ?What software do you use?

                    We create our graphics using the Adobe Design Suite including Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign in a windows environment.

                    ?Our printers have certain requirements for graphics; can you liaise with them on our behalf?

                    Yes we can.

                    ?How much does a logo design cost?

                    Depending on your requirements and number of drafts the price will vary. Logos start from $150.00 for three initial drafts and 2 revisions of the final logo selected.

                    ?Can you organise the printing?

                    We can take your design requirement from start to finish including the printing. We can supply competitive rates for printing.

                    ?How do we receive completed design?

                    Depending on the size of the files we either email or provided with a download link from our servers.